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Congregation of St John the Baptist of Fr Vincent Lebbe
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Founded 1928 at Anguo (Hebei) by Vincent Lebbe (1877-1940) and Msgr. Melchior Sun CM. Lebbe, who had become a naturalized Chinese citizen in July 1927, Congregation of St. John the Baptist aimed to create “an army of zealous workers, reliable, well disciplined, non-salaried, capable of undertaking all that which presently is done by salaried personnel”. The Brothers thus served as auxiliaries in the parishes entirely under Chinese episcopal authority.

In the face of mounting Japanese aggression, the Little Brothers began to adopt a more patriotic approach to encompass the social reconstruction of China. As early as 1933, following the Japanese invasion of Rehe, Lebbe organized for the first time a group of medical orderlies and stretcher-bearers, officered by twenty Little Brothers. Since the Vincentians in North China violently opposed this patriotic engagement, Lebbe left the Congregation of the Mission and following his vows as a Little Brother, became superior of that congregation in December 1933. Following Lebbe’s death, Brother Alexander Ts’ao Li-shan [Cao Lishan] succeeded him as superior of the Little Brothers.

In 1949 the motherhouse moved to Hong Kong. In 1954 it was moved to Taiwan and is located in the Diocese of Taichung. The Congregation of St. John the Baptist (CSJB) is now active in the apostolate as a diocesan religious congregation.

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